Passengers Arch Removal (Restoration)

Weekends worth of pics

Managed to unpick one arch, which has unearthed the need for an outer d Piller, closing panel, cab floor half, and seat belt mount.

Few previous repairs around the seat belt mount section made it a bit difficult but happy enough so far.

Just need to tidy it up and start replacing some metal.

More welding fun, rot went further back as expected so decent part of the b pillar and inner closing is being replaced.



1975 bay Strip-down (Restoration)

Day two of the strip down, emptying the whole van before welding, always knew the recent interior was only going to be a temporary tidy up until I started the welding.

Inside and window frames are all solid so far which is a great plus, Mrs came for a look before and has started thinking about new interior layout and look.

Lucky I’ve got a few awesome mates one who is decent with a welder and the other with paint.

So after a loose plan, he is going to pop round in the day to tackle the majority of the welding for me in exchange for pack lunches and beers.

Looking forward to cracking on this weekend and tomorrow night. Hopefully, have it gutted by tomorrow eve.



The Restoration Begins

The fun starts now, due to the last planned camping trip was done, I’ve decided it’s time for a light restoration (famous last words)

So due to no shelter or garage, I bought a portable one from eBay. A mate used one for his prototype resto and it worked well.

So £189 later it’s up in the garden and ready to get stuck in.

The first thing to tackle is a strip down of the van as it will be getting painted also, mouse grey and white is the current choice.

First of many panels bought where two new front arch’s from Scholfield not cheap at £250 a pop but the quality is decent. Time to start cutting and prepping I guess.

Peak District – Camping At Moorhay Farm

Been a great last few weeks with the bus, managed a good 2.5h drive each way to meet some of the Mrs mates.

We stayed at Moorhay farm in the Peak District, good basic little campsite and the drive over was utterly stunning.

Small problem with it not wanting to start at the beginning but after a quick tow around the corner, it bump started right up.

Combination of flooding the carb and a crappy battery.


Dinarth Hall Camping – Rhos-on-Sea

Little Friday lunchtime dart from work so went for a night away with a few local Freinds.

Went to dinarth farm at Rhos-on-Sea, the decent little campsite at £11 a night.

The bus ran great with the addition of its oil pressure gauge it was interesting to see the difference in pressure depending on speed.

When cold

When hot
30mph 14psi
50 mph, 21psi
60mph, 31psi

Just waiting on the taco plate for the oil temp sensor to arrive so that’s a job for this week.


Type 4, Oil Temp & Oil Pressure VDO Install

Bit of preparation for wiring in the VDO oil pressure sender and oil temp.

Ran some 4 core wire and some trunking from back to front and had a good nosy underneath while at it.

Not wired in yet, hopefully, that’s tomorrow job.


Today’s little build, VDO pods made out of the old dead coil, oil temp and pressure yet to be wired in.

Made the bracket out of a bit of tentpole a beetle pan washer and two coil clamps. It will do for now.

Quite happy with the results as it’s only my second time welding, need to get

practising for when I start doing some panel replacement on the bus.

Oil pressure t piece, installed tonight, was a bit fiddly leaked a bit managed to sort it with some gasket sealant.

Hopefully, the oil temp plate arrives tomorrow so I can fit that before the weekend jaunt to rhos on sea.

The new taco plate arrives today so I finally have my temp sensor wired up.

The case seems to benefit from an oil flow mod in the inspection chamber which should give it a more accurate reading hopefully.

I let the bus idle for 10 mins just to test it was working and all looks good.



Dinarth Hall – night in Llangollen

Managed to get a night away Friday night in Llangollen.

Stayed at Dinarth Hall Camping & Caravan Site, an easy reach of the seaside, and a short work away from Llangollen Town centre, which is a great local tourist attraction.

Overall a decent site, great clean facilities as expected from the majority of campsites, One thing to note is to bring wheel chocks, due to the slant of the hill it can make finding level ground rather tasking, but as it was just an overnight stop its something we lived.

With only one evening to explore Llangollen, we nipped for a quick bite to eat at the Bridge End Hotel for a quick bite to eat, with it being a typical Friday night full of locals enjoying an evening meal.



Type 4 flywheel oil seal (install)

Sunday a new day and a fresh mindset managed to see the job through thanks to some bolt extractors from screwfix the bolt came out with ease.

Went back in easier than it came out, wouldn’t rush to so it again shifting 140kg of engine on my own wasn’t fun but the job got done.

Now time for a beer.